During this strange medico-economic time, most MCA providers are simply not funding anybody in any amount.  We are.  But it could well be that the initial funding amount is not as high as when the stock market and everybody’s business was booming.  The periodic MCA for the firearms industry is how we get those numbers higher.  At the time of initial agreement, we can provide a good portion of your average monthly credit card volume.  After 45 days, if your credit card processing volume is within the tolerances of the contract, we can provide more funding in an amount stated in the contract (so you already know what’s coming).  After 45 more days, same thing.  By the end, you may well have gotten a funding amount commensurate with “the good ole days.”  If the initial funding amount in tough economic times is not quite all you will need, more cash will be on the way. Good business people always focus on a win-win.  This product may be just that answer in uncertain economic circumstances.

There are no new processing charges in the future periodic payouts per the contract. They are not “renewals” with more documentation, or where all the prior advance and funder profit are paid off, avoiding the difficult accumulation of receivables that must be sacrificed. Importantly, unlike the traditional “add-on” in the industry, the 2nd and 3rd periodic payout may come before the account is paid down to 50% of the receivables purchased. You cannot find this type of flexibility and assurance anywhere else in the industry.

“A merchant cash advance (MCA) is great for businesses short on cash that need funds quickly and process many sales with credit or debit cards.” Nasdaq.com (Aug. 6th 2016).

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